What is a console piano?

Have you ever wondered what a console piano is? It’s an item of furniture that acts as both a piano and a piece of décor, combining the classic elegance of traditional pianos with modern convenience. With their classy appearance and superior sound quality, these thoughtfully designed instruments add class to any home or studio. In …

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How to fix stuck piano keys

Do you have stuck piano keys and feeling discouraged? You may be thinking that fixing a stuck key involves complex tools or hard-to-find materials, but don’t worry. Fortunately, with some time and patience, many people are able to fix their own pianos at home — without the expensive services of a professional tuner! In this …

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How wide is a piano?

Pianos are some of the most beautiful and beloved instruments, producing a wide range of sounds that bring joy to listeners. But have you ever wondered about the physical size of pianos? While seemingly diminutive on stage, pianos can come in several different shapes and sizes. From baby grand pianos to concert grands – all …

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