Piano Scales and Cords

Piano Scales can be boring to use as a beginner but we have found some fantastic resources online for you to use to drive enthusiasm in your learner (especially kids).

  • ? PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS – Fully illustrated chord and scale diagrams make it accessible to pianists of all levels and ages. It’s the perfect practice aid and a great gift.
  • ? THE REALLY USEFUL PIANO POSTER – All Major & Minor scales, all basic chord types and a wealth of essential music theory, all on one illustrated poster.
  • ? THE REALLY USEFUL CHORD PROGRESSION POSTER – All 24 Major & Minor chord sets give you everything you need to play chords to any song.
  • ? PRACTICE & PROGRESS – Both posters make practicing, learning and understanding the piano easier and more enjoyable, allowing you to make progress more quickly.
  • ? OVER 5000+ COPIES SOLD – A1 size (33.1 x 23.4 inches / 841

We love this bundle from the Really Useful Poster Co. You can buy it here

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