Teach Yourself Piano In A Week

Do you ever watch in awe someone playing the piano and marvel at the sweet music that punctuates the air. Music that resonates and reverberates at the very core of your soul.

Ever wish you could sit at the piano, your fingers playing one note, then another then a whole chorus of notes with both hands in sync playing in beautiful heartfelt harmony. 

Maybe you’ve tried but just couldn’t bear the thought of years and study. It’s an unfulfilled dream that is yearning to be fulfilled. And now it can.

It seems like a bold claim. But it’s not. Let me explain.

Have you ever listened to some of your favorite songs and wondered how they did it? Did you know many pop songs were created by musicians who couldn’t read a note of music? But through trial and error they succeeded in learning to play.

Like many other musicians before them they discovered the biggest secret to learning a musical instrument. And you’re about to find out how.

And maybe you’re wondering why piano players spend years learning the piano?

Learning Piano Can Be Hard Only If You Make It So

Yeah for sure learning classical piano is hard. But only if you want to be a professional studio musician, teacher, composer, concert pianist or make it a true profession. But like most people I know, you probably want to learn enough to be able to play your favorite songs. If you think you can’t play in a week, hear me out.

My name is Dan Maynard and I studied classical piano for 11 years and then switched to playing pop music. I soon realized that I had to unlearn the rigorous structure classical piano lessons had taught me. And I would have to think differently if I wanted to play pop songs. What came was a total surprise.

I listened to 1000’s of pop songs and copied what they did on the piano. And after many attempts like a bolt of lightening, I discovered the one thing that the majority of pop songs had in common. Once I discovered the secret, it literally changed how I learned to play piano. 

Simple Formula Unleashes The Power Of Accelerated Piano Learning

It’s a secret so powerful that once you learn it you’ll be able to predict and play the exact chords to any song.

You won’t need musical talent. You won’t need to have perfect pitch and listen to 1000’s of songs like I did. Because what I’m about to reveal is a simple pattern you can use to play most songs. Here’s what I discovered.

Over 80% of songs follow the same 4 chord pattern! They follow A 1-5-4-6 Formula You Can Apply To Easily Learn To Play the Piano. What that means is you can learn any song when you know the 4 chord pattern. That is the secret that musicians around the world know and use and so will you.

When you’re armed with the simple formula you will see it in every song you hear. It will amaze you. Best of all, you’ll be able to apply the formula to learning your favorite songs on the piano.

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