Casio Privia PX150

If you’re in search of a portable piano that could bring you to the next level in the music world, then one of the pianos that you should take into consideration would be the Casio Privia PX-150 88-Key. It’s packed with great features and technological enhancements that are perfect for a professional musician, but could also be used even by a casual players who are in search of an affordable piano that they can use.

Features and Benefits

The Casio Privia PX-150 88-Key is packed with the following features:

1. 4 Types of Chorus and Reverb 

Allowing the users to recreate anything, ranging from their favorite hymns to a Threnody.

2. 88 Full Keys

Forget about running out of pitch during your wild solo, because it has 88 full keys.

Casio Privia PX-150 88 Key

3. Acoustic and Brilliance Resonance

It has both acoustic and brilliance resonance that could enliven even the simplest scale pattern, transforming it into something that’s really epic.

4. 128 Note Polyphony

It has 128 note polyphony that could give an impression of being played in a very expensive piano. Likewise, the notes you’re playing would also sustain together and you don’t even need to worry about ‘dropping off’ unlike other competitors.

5. Portable

It’s perfect for musicians who enjoy playing live, because it’s very portable that you can take it anywhere you go.

6. Built-in Metronome

It’s ideal for piano students, because it has a built-in metronome that could help in improving a beginner’s piano technique, while being able to record one’s performance at the same time.

7. Duet Mode

As an added bonus, it’s also great for piano teachers, because it gives them the privilege of playing with their students with the use of the Casio Privia PX-150 88-Key’s duet mode.

Customer Reviews

The Positive Side

The PX-150 comes with a realistic grand piano feel, and this is one of the most important qualities that a lot of piano buyers consider before making a purchase. Likewise, there’s no need to worry about anything with this model, because you’ll absolutely get a premium quality grand piano, with a very competitive price.

Some of the most common positive reviews about this product are the following:
– “Excellent digital piano.”
– “Best value on the market.”
– “Great for beginners.”
– “Absolutely amazing.”

The Negative Side

Although the PX-150 seems to be perfect, it still lacks something. For one, the pedal that comes with it is made up of plastic and it doesn’t feel as good as the standard add-on pedal that you’re free to purchase.

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Where to Buy

If you’re interested in buying the PX-150, you have two options. You could either buy it from the Casio website for $899.99, but if you’re looking for a better deal, you ought to know that it’s also available at Amazon for just $499.98 because of the 29% off and you could enjoy free shipping if you’ll make a purchase now.

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