Kawai CE220 Digital Piano

The Kawai CE220 digital piano is gaining popularity among several music enthusiasts because of its impressive features and upgrades. Primarily, it offers the distinct and rich sound that a traditional acoustic piano offers without the added weight and bulk. So, when it comes to portability and convenience, the CE220 is your best bet for a digital piano.

Benefits and Product Features

What’s great about the CE220 is that it features a stunning wooden-key action, which is evident on high-end instruments by this brand. This adds to the richness and realistic appeal of the sound that resembles an acoustic piano, which most people look for in a digital model.

Kawai CE220

Another excellent feature found in the CE220 is its USB-to-piano capability. This is a convenient feature you will love about this digital piano since it gives you a chance to practice your sessions or record music to your USB thumb drive. Afterwards, you can simply play the song by loading the USB into your computer or sending the file as an email to others.

The piano also boasts of the 192-note polyphony, an upgrade that is about a hundred more than the previous model. There is also a dual mode and split mode in this digital piano. The dual mode lets you play two different sounds at once while the split mode gives you a chance to play one sound on the left side and the other is played on the right.

Customer Reviews

The Positive Side

What most people like about the CE220 is that it comes with a balance slider on its panel, and this is responsible for controlling the balance in the split or dual keyboard mode. Moreover, there is a built-in metronome with a number of time signature, 2 headphone jacks, and 100 built-in rhythms.

Several users also find the piano quite attractive because of its superb satin black finish, as well as the three pedals and a sliding key cover. These are elegant features that add to the gorgeous appeal of the CE220 digital piano by Kawai.

The Negative Side

Although there are numerous customers raving about the CE220, there are some people who think that the piano keys tend to be a bit stiff and challenging to control. There is also no built-in synthesizer with the piano. Nevertheless, the benefits still outweigh the limitations, which makes the piano worth your time and money.

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Where to Buy

The best place to purchase the CE220 is at amazon.com because of the promos and discounts that can significantly slash down the price of the piano. At present, the Kawai CE220 digital piano costs $1,899, which is 14% cheaper than its regular price at $2,199. Just be sure to stay updated with special offers available at the site to get the best value for your investment.

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